Richardse et Cie

A catalogue of the Gallic equivalent of the “rubber shop” so beloved by those of a certain age in the UK. See entries 6 & 14

Abuses of the Genital Sense

Entry no. 63

A Problem in Greek Ethics

Entry no. 67

Entry no. 71

School Life in Paris

Possibly the edition of School Life in Paris referred to in entry no. 81. I am unaware of any edition of this novel with a ‘Carnopolis’ imprint.


Introductory Note

Album 7 is an extensive collection of ephemeral printed items containing, inter alia, prospectuses and catalogues issued by English and continental booksellers and publishers of erotic literature from the turn of the 19th century. It was originally part of the collection of George, 2nd marquess of Milford Haven (1892-1938), brother of Lord Louis Mountbatten, although there is no internal evidence to support this. However, he did have an extensive collection of erotica, much of it bearing his elaborate armorial bookplate. The 2nd marquess acted for many years in loco parentis to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and his son, David, 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven (1919-1970), was part of the murky backdrop of the Profumo sex scandal of 1963.

The album containing the collection–actually an Army and Navy Stores photograph album–was acquired for the British Library on May 15 1961 from Louis Bondy, a well-known bookseller whose shop was situated close to the Library. It's possible that the purchase was arranged by the late Dr. Eric John Dingwall, whose contributions to the maintenance and expansion of the Library's Private Case erotica collection cannot be over-emphasized. The order in which the collection was originally arranged has in some cases been altered, presumably by Dr. Dingwall who added to the front of the album the typewritten list of its contents that is reproduced below, with a few small emendations and augmentations. The albums numbered 1 - 6, containing pornographic photographs, are not in the British Library, and their whereabouts seem uncertain. I am, however, reliably informed that those numbered 1 and 2, obtained from the same source as the one here under notice, are in an American collection, and that both carry the Milford Haven bookplate.

When purchased for the British Library, the album was first housed in The Private Case at P.C. 16.i.2. but is now shelved at Cup. 364.g.48.

1. Laboratoires Scientifiques. [A prospectus.] Pantin [c.1906]

2. [An Advertisement of] “Pleasure Powder” [New York, c. 1900?]

3. M. Arthur’s advertisement card for his “Night Guide Round Paris”. Paris [c. 1910].

4. M. Girand’s folder-advertisement for remedies against “impuissance.” Paris [c. 1908].

5. [Analyses of some of M. Girand’s preparations.] pp. 4. Paris: 1909.

6. Richardse & Cie. L’Art Érotique. [A clandestine catalogue]

7. [ A leaflet issued by G. Jeandet advertising] Comprimés merveilleux des fakirs. Paris [c. 1901?]

8. A folder with three colour plates advertising artificial male and female genitalia together with varieties of ‘tickler’ condoms. Paris [c. 1908?]

9. Erotic photographs. [A clandestine catalogue.] [Paris?] 1902. pp. 8.

10. New Photographic Series. [A clandestine catalogue.] [Paris?] 1903.

11. [A leaflet advertising and illustrating five kinds of ‘tickler’ condoms.] [Paris, c. 1908]

12. Strictly Confidential. [A clandestine catalogue] [Paris, c. 1903.] pp, 26.

13. A leaflet issued by A. Estinger advertising photographs of nudes. München, 1929.

14. Richardse & Cie. [A catalogue of erotic apparatus, &c. With three coloured illustrations] [Paris, c. 1904]

15. Catalogue of the latest photographic novelties. pp. 40. [With two copies of a two-leaf preface to a catalogue possibly to be included with the main catalogue noted here. Paris, 1901-1902.

16. A Catalogue of Curious and Out-of-the Way Books. Pt. 1 A-B. [London, 19–?] pp. 16.

17. A Catalogue of A Choice Collections of Rare Curious Books, Many Privately Printed, Comprising the Library of a Well-Known Amateur. [London? Edward Avery?] 1889. pp. 12.

Pale blue printed wrappers. 38 items listed, mainly in English. A further 13 items are listed in MS. on back wrapper.

18. Latest Novelties. [A clandestine catalogue.] [Paris, c. 1900?] pp. 26.

19. [A clandestine catalogue.] [Paris, c. 1895?] pp. 26.

20. Nouveau Catalogue de la Bibliothèque Privée. Paris, 1902. pp. 16.

21. Catalogue of Rare, Curious and Voluptuous Reading. [Paris.] 1901. pp. 30.

22. Catalogue of the Erotica Biblion Society. [c. 1900?] pp. 30.

23. Catalogue of English Books. 1902-3. pp. 46. [Ms. note: Carrington.]

24. Curiosités Bibliographiques. Paris, 1904. pp. 52.

25. Catalogue of A Choice Collection of Rare and Curious English Books. London, 1903. pp. 54. [Ms. note: to page 31 only. Carrington.]

26. [A leaf advertising some erotic novelties. London, c. 1900?]

27. Catalogue. [A clandestine catalogue of French and English books.] [Paris, c. 1901?] pp. 8.

28. List of Rare and Curious Books. [London, c. 1904] pp. 16.

29. [A leaf advertising a work entitled Odds and Ends or After Dinner Tit-Bits.]

30. [A list of items (197-200) taken from a clandestine catalogue.]

31. Catalogue. 1902. [A later issue of no. 27?]

32. [Pamphlet supplying sample list of “Very Voluptuous Reading.”] [London, c. 189-?] [Ms. note: Carrington.]

33. [Pamphlet supplying sample list of Very Voluptuous Reading.] [London, c. 189-?] [Different to the preceding. Ms. note: Carrington.]

34. H. S. Nichols. Catalogue no. 1. New Series. Paris, [c. 1902?] pp. 12.

35. [A page from a clandestine catalogue, c. 1900.] [Ms. note: Carrington.]

36. New Books in English. [Paris, c. 1902.] [Ms. note: Carrington.]

37. Curiosités Bibliographiques. [Paris] 1902. pp. 4.

38. [Two leaves from a clandestine catalogue advertising photographs, aquarelles, &c. [Paris, c. 1900?]

39. L’Art de jouir et de faire jouir. [A clandestine catalogue of photographs, books and erotic novelties.] [Paris, c. 189-?] pp. 4.

40. Latest Novelties. [A clandestine catalogue of English books.] [c. 1895.] pp. 2.

– Single sheet of salmon-coloured paper, printed on both sides, offering fifty-eight works in English, nos. 52-58 headed ‘Works on Flagellation’. Issued by either Carrington in Paris or Edouard Maheu in Bruxelles.

41. Bibliotheca Arcana. Being a Rough List of Rare, Curious and Uncommon Books, Pamphlets, Prints & Engravings that have been Privately Printed, Prohibited by Law, Seized, Anathematised, Burnt of Bowdlerized…. London [Paris: Carrington], 1879 [1899]. pp. 72.

– Should not be confounded with the almost identically titled Bibliotheca Arcana &c compiled by ‘Speculator Morum’ [William Laird Clowes] and published at London in 1885 by George Redway.

42. Privately Printed English Books. [c. 1900?] pp. 4.

43. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge. Catalogue of the Library of the Late W. C. Rule. London, 1895. Pp. 52.

44. List of Some of Mr. Charles Carrington’s Choice Publications. [An advertisement sheet. Paris, c. 1900.]

45. Catalogue de Livres. Charles Carrington. Paris [c. 1902.] pp. 72.

46. Advertisement sheet for Apotheosis of Prick… Revised new ed. [Paris, 19-- .]

47. Prospectus of Hector France’s The Chastisement of Mansour. Paris: Charles Carrington, 1898. pp. 4.

– An English translation, by Alfred Allinson, of L'Amour au Pays Bleu (1880).

48. Prospectus of an offer of some remainder [?] copies of The Delectable Nights of Straparola. [London, 1900?] [Ms. note: Carrington.]

– An English version of Le piacevoli notti (c. 1550) by Giovanni Francesco “Gianfrancesco” Straparola (c. 1480 – c. 1557)

49. Prospectus of Raped on the Railway. Paris, 19--. For details of this work see Forbidden Books (Paris, 1902) 191ff. One edition apparently was issued in 1894. [Ms. note: Carrington.]

First published about 1904 by Charles Carrington at Paris, with the false imprint: “London: Privately Printed for the Subscribers of the Cosmopolitan Bibliophile Society.”

50. Single leaf advertising Rakish Rhymes. Paris, 1909. [Ms. note: Carrington.]

– Possibly the same work of The Rakish Rhymer, or Fancy Man’s Own Songster and Reciter, an American Civil-War era collection, now lost. A reprint by Carrington issued at Paris c. 1917 for the benefit of the ‘American Expeditionary Forces’ is described by G. Legman in his Bibliography of Erotic Folksongs & Ballads published in the Journal of American Folklore (Oct-Dec 1990, vol. 103, no.410)

51. Prospectus of Genital Laws by Dr. Jacobus X***. Paris: C. Carrington [1900?] pp. 1.

– A supplemental volume to the same author’s The Ethnology of the Sixth Sense.

52. Single sheet advertising Nell in Bridewell. Paris: C. Carrington [1900].

– A translation of Wilhem Reinhard’s Lenchen im Zuchthause (Karlsruhe, 1840).

53. Prospectus of Kalogynomia by T. Bell. London [H. S. Nichols], 1899. pp. 4.

– A new edition of Thomas Bell’s Kalogynomia, or the laws of female beauty : being the elementary principles of that science, originally published at London in 1821.

54. Prospectus of The Mysteries of Conjugal Love Revealed by N. de Venette. Paris: Charles Carrington, 1906. pp. 8.

– Originally published at Amsterdam in 1686 as Tableau de l’amour humain considéré dans l'état du mariage under the anagramatic pseudonym ‘Salocini, Vénitien’, but reprinted as Tableau de l’amour conjugal, ou l'Histoire complète de la génération de l’homme, under which title it is best known. The books is considered the first European sexological work.

55. Prospectus of A Problem in Modern Ethics [by John Addington Symonds]. London, 1896. pp. 2.

– A piracy of work that had been privately printed by it’s author in 1891.

56. Prospectus of Jean de Villiot, Woman and her Master. Paris, 1904. pp. 4. [Ms. note: Carrington.]

– A English version of La femme et son maître by de Villiot.

57. Prosepectus of Les Vies des Dames Galantes by Brantôme. Paris: C. Carrington, 1901. pp. 28.

– Essentially, the historically unreliable memoirs of Pierre de Bourdeille, seigneur (and abbé) de Brantôme,that were first published about 1665 in abridged form. Later editions would be more fulsome.

58. Single sheet advertising Nadia [Paris,] 1905.

– An English version (possibly by Leonard Smithers or H. S. Nichols) of a pornographic French novel called Nadia, Amours russe, that was originally published secretly at Paris by Charles Hirsch about 1903. The English edition was printed at London.

59. Single sheet advertising The Mistress and the Slave. Athen [Sheffield?], 1905.

– An English version (possibly by Leonard Smithers or H. S. Nichols) of a particularly repellent pornographic French novel called La Maitresse et l’esclave, that was originally published secretly at Paris by Charles Hirsch about 1903.The English edition was printed at London.

60. Prospectus of New and Gorgeous Pantomime… [Paris,] 1905.

– A reprint of a work more commonly referred to as Harlequin Prince Cherrytop that had first been published at London in July 1879 by the mysterious William Lazenby. The full title is: New and Gorgeous Pantomime entitled Harlequin Prince Cherrytop and the Good Fairy Fairfuck or the Frig, the Fuck and the Fair. The initials G. A. S. printed on the titlepage (of this reprint only; they do not appear on the original edition) has given rise to the notion that this amusingly-written little publication, which includes obscene parodies of popular songs of the day, was the handiwork of Gilbert & Sullivan. However, it seems far more probable that they were intended to suggest the journalist George Augustus Sala who is known to have contributed to the sub-rosa literature of the period. Other contributors–the work is thought to have been a sort of ‘round robin’ performance–may have included Algernon Swinburne and Frederick Popham-Pike. The edition under notice in this prospectus was printed at London for Leonard Smithers. This book deserves a scholarly reprint, one of the few English works of this sort about which that might be said. The present writer was gently reprimanded by an official in the British Library for laughing too loudly whilst reading the book.

61. Prospectus of The Secrets of Women. Carnopolis [1899?] [Ms. note: Carrington.]

– Full title: The Secrets of Women. Being the second part of the Old man young again: which treats of carnal intercourse between the two sexes and the means of augmenting their charms and of the possibility of preserving and giving greater force to the same … Englished now for the first time from the Arabic tongue. The ‘Carnopolis’ imprint is a puzzle since the book seems to have been published openly by Carrington in 1899.

62. Single sheet advertising The Callipyges [Paris,] 1901.

The Callipyges is presumably a translation of Les Callipyges ou les Délices de la verge by ‘E.D.’, an author who has been identified as either Edmund Dumoulin or a man named Desjardin. Carrington published at least three editions between 1901 and about 1907. The original French edition was published by Auguste Brancart at Bruxelles in 1892.

63. Prospectus advertising The Abuses, Aberrations and Crimes of the Genital Sense [done into English direct from the original manuscript] by Dr. Jacobus X***. Paris: C. Carrington, 1901. pp. 4.

64. Prospectus of The Memoirs of a Russian Ballet Girl by Mlle Mariska. [Paris: C. Carrington, 1901?] For this work see Perceau, 151-2.

– A translation of Mémoires d’une danseuse russe, originally published in French about 1894 by Auguste Brancart at Amsterdam. Written by ‘E.D.’, an author who has been identified as either Edmund Dumoulin or a man named Desjardin.

65. Prospectus of, apparently, three copies of My Secret Life or the Modern Casanova. Paris. 1900? pp. 4.

– The 11-volume sexual memoir which has been ascribed, most forcibly by G. Legman, to Henry Spencer Ashbee.

66. Prospectus of A Medico-Legal Examination of the Abuses… of the Genital Sense by Dr. Jacobus X***. Paris: C. Carrington, 1900? pp. 16.

– A supplemental volume to the same author’s The Ethnology of the Sixth Sense.

67. Prospectus of A Problem in Greek Ethics by John Addington Symonds. London, 1901. pp. 4.

– A piracy of work that had been privately printed at Davos, Switzerland, in 1883 at the expense of its author, who was referred to rather unkindly as ‘Soddington Symonds’ by Algernon Swinburne.

68. Prospectus of Suburban Souls. Paris, 1901. pp. 4. [Ms. note: Carrington.]

– A well-written three-volume erotic memoir that has been ascribed to lexicographer John Stephen Farmer.

69. Prospectus of The Philosophical Theresa. [Paris, c. 1900]. pp. 4. [Ms. note: Carrington.]

– A clandestine reprint by Carrington of a c. 1830 English translation of Thérèse Philosophe, the celebrated pornographic re-telling of the Girard-Cardière case, first published ‘A la Haye’ [Paris, c. 1748].

70. Notice issue by University Press Ltd. in re. to the seizure of certain “obscene books.” [Watford, 1900.] pp. 4.

71. Prospectus of Vocabula Amatoria. London, 1896. pp. 4.

– A French-English dictionary of sexual slang John Stephen Farmer, drawn in main part from similar French dictionaries by Alfred Delvau, Jules Choux and Jean Auguste Udalric Cheler.

72. Selection from Love and Safety. [Paris, c. 1899?] pp. 2. (For the connexion between Love and Safety and The Horn Book see G. Legman in the American Aphrodite, 1953, no. 9.)

– Ascribed to John Stephen Farmer.

73. Notice by the “Society of the Faithful Few” re. the new edition of The Scented Garden. Paris [19--]. pp. 18. [Ms. note: Carrington.]

74. A sheet advertising an edition of The Horn Book. [Paris, c. 1901.] (See note to no. 72.) [Ms. note: Carrington.]

– An English translation or adaptation of a French work called Instruction libertine, first published by J.-P. Blanche in a facsimile reproduction of a calligraphric MS at Bruxelles in 1870, but predated 1860. The translator may have been John Stephen Farmer.

75. Prospectus of The Basis of Passional Psychology by Dr. Jacobus X***.

76. Prospectus of The Plague of Lust by J. Rosenbaum. [Paris: C. Carrington, 1901?]

77. Can Such Things Be! Astounding revelations concerning supposed massage houses.” London [19--]. pp. 16.

78. Les Aventures du colonel Ronchonot by Gustave Frison. Paris, [1905]. pp. 32. Part of a series, no. 1102.

79. Paulette. La Nuit d’une demi-vierge. Bruxelles & Amsterdam [c. 1901]. pp. 24.

80. Petit dictionnaire d’argot… Paris [19--].

81. Prospectus of The Horn Book, Randiana and School Life in Paris. Carnopolis [c. 1901?] pp. 4. [Ms. note: Carrington.]

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