Pierre Louys

Pierre Louÿs, lui-même

Aphrodite first edition

The first integral edition of Aprodite by Pierre Louÿs, published by René Bonnel & Pascal Pia. It reproduced the text of the Crès edition of 1913, the most complete up to that date, and added an unpublished erotic chapter found amongst the author's papers after his death. In the vol. of notes accompanying this work is included a number of passages included in the 'pre-edition' text of the novel, but excluded from the published editions.

Frontispiece to first edition of Aphrodite

The frontispiece to the first edition of Aphrodite.

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The first integral English translation of Pybrac, privately printed for subscribers. It includes variant readings and a bibliography, and a series of similar quatrains extracted from The Pearl, a pornographic Victorial periodical, which may in part have influenced Louÿs.

Sentiment de la famille Trois filles de leur mere Trois filles et leur mere - maison perdue

A Catalogue of the
Erotic Works of
Pierre Louÿs

Introductory Note

So far as possible, the following pages contain a listing of all the French language editions, both clandestine and 'public', of the erotic works of Pierre Louÿs that I have been able to locate. It also conveniently illustrates the point of what I've called the 'Scissors & Paste Bibliographies.'

As a result of spending a good many years immersed in the history and foibles of erotic literature, it occurred to me that the existing bibliographies and studies of the subject, while often providing me with most of the information I've needed, nevertheless lacked certain precisions. Erotica possesses a number of authors, publishers and even individual books of such importance it seems unfortunate they don't possess bibliographies of their own. This is not an original idea of course, and some of my earliest candidates for this have, in recent years, already been dealt with; Henry Kistemæckers and August Poulet-Malassis, two publishers working from Bruxelles in the middle to late 19th century, both had bio-bibliographies prepared of their life and work by Collete Baudet (1) and Jean-Jacques Launay (2) respectively. Likewise, earlier, Domenico Fusco's little catalogue of editions of Gamiani (3). Other examples could be cited, but it is clear that there is a market for this sort of thing.

However, getting them into print is always a problem; commercial publishers are wary of undertaking the expense of putting out bibliographies, especially if the subject is obscure and the manuscript bulky, and brief monographs are equally tricky to place for almost identical reasons, the difference being that they are too small to fit comfortably in a publisher's catalogue.

Personal circumstances are an additional obstacle, and one that has more than anything else dictated the form my fledgling series has taken. My subject matter and geographical location prevent me from preparing bibliographies in anything like the true sense of the word; erotica as a subject for study has obvious drawbacks under the most advantageous conditions, and while Santa Rosa has a number of attractions to recommend it, not least of which is the splendid climate which, despite my complaints, is more agreeable than London. However, it is not ideally suited to the amateur bibliographer who is obliged to do something else for a living. I have thus had to rely to a reckless extent on my own collection of reference books acquired while I was still in London, forays to the Ruben Salazar Library at Sonoma State University and the generosity of friends of like interests, most of whom are in Europe. My plan, then, has been to produce at irregular intervals a series of checklists of particular authors, publishers or individual titles in the field of erotica that for one reason or another have taken my fancy. They are not to be considered true bibliographies, even if I've had the temerity to call them that, since in many cases I have not been able to see all the books in question and cannot as a result vouch for the accuracy of my descriptions. But what I have sought to produce are catalogues or handlists which gather together in one convenient place all the descriptions I have been able to locate on the author or publisher or book in question, together with an indication of my source of information. This is not, it must be repeated, bibliography, but really little more than cribbing, for which I make no apology, and it was this method of work or preparation that led me to adopt the name 'Scissors & Paste Bibliographies' in order to more precisely spell out the nature of the venture. The value of this sort of checklist, as I have found from personal experience with those drawn up informally for my own use, is that they relieve one of the tedium of having to sort through several different sources for a specific reference. Recalling that one once saw a description or discussion of a particular edition of some book or other is one thing, but finding it is not always so easy. A 'cheat-sheet' directing one to the appropriate entry in Gay or Ashbee or Pia can be a great time-saver, and it is to be hoped that in some small way the Scissors & Paste Bibliographies' provide this service.

The present checklist of Pierre Louÿs is as complete as I've been able to make it, although given his popularity as a collectable author and the seemingly enormous volume of his unpublished manuscripts still extant it won't be long before it is in need of updating to accommodate new material. Indeed, shortly after I began this Introduction a bookseller's catalogue - 'Books on the History & Curiosities of the Oldest Obsession' - arrived from England in which yet a new érotique was announced, entitled L'Ile aux dames, presumably from the press of M. William Théry who, in recent years, has been publishing inédites of Louÿs in handsome limited editions that reflect the finer traditions of clandestine book production in France during the 1920's and 30's (4).

Before compiling this checklist, I made the decision to exclude foreign translations of Louÿs'erotica, even though it was one such, a free rendition of Trois filles de leur mère with the authorship credited to a wonderfully punning 'Peter Lewys,' that first made me aware of his work (5). My reason for this was the unavailability of reliable references, particularly for German editions. The Germans are extraordinarily efficient at bringing out translations of the more important foreign erotica in their own language, as a cursory look at J. Rives Childs bibliography of Restif de la Bretonne will illustrate; practically every title published by this prolific author has been translated into German, sometimes more than once, whereas the list of English editions is scandalously brief (6).

Occasional references I've found in German bookseller's catalogues, together with a handful of entries in the third volume of the Polunbi-Katalog (7), have led me to suspect that German publishers may have been as thorough with Louÿs as with Restif, but since my knowledge of German is extremely weak I am unable to determine whether these scattered references concern Louÿs' erotica or merely conventional translations of his 'public' canon. Under the circumstances, it seemed prudent to omit translations altogether rather than make wild guesses. However, if anybody reading these lines feels inclined to provide me with reliable information concerning translations - into any language - of Louÿs' erotica, then I would seriously consider a revised edition of this checklist at some point.

Another omission are details of the numerous manuscripts, of works both published and unpublished, that on occasion appear at auction or in the rarely-published catalogues of private collections. Some of these, as with the ms. of Pybrac described in the Léonina catalogue, are evidently of great beauty, examples of fine calligraphy and often enriched with original water-colours. But these are not printed books, and as such are regrettably outside the scope of the present compilation (8).


Bibliothèque `La Léonina'. III. Curiosa. Monte Carlo, 1955. The catalogue of the erotica section of the library of M. Arpad Plesch; compiled by Jacques Pley.

Ex-Libris Roger Peyrefitte, auction catalogue of the erotic portion of Roger Peyrefitte's library, Druout Rive Gauche, Paris, January, 1977.

Pascal Pia, Les Livres de l'Enfer. Paris: Coulet & Faure, 1978. 2 volumes. Essentially the catalogue of the Enfer erotica collection of the French national library at Paris, with additional works described from the compiler's own collection and those of his friends.

Patrick J. Kearney. The Private Case. An Annotated Bibliography of the erotica collection of the British (Museum) Library. London: Jay Landesman, 1981.

The four preceding titles were the main source of my information for drawing up this little checklist. Other sources include the catalogues of booksellers and auction houses too numerous to reasonably list here, although the most important will be found credited in the text.

For help of a more personal nature, the following individuals, who wrote to me with valuable pieces of information, suggested corrections in my MS or allowed me access to their collections, must to be credited with warm appreciation: the late Gérard Nordmann, of Geneva. - Michael Neal, of Feugères St.-Yon. - H. L. van der Kamp, of Leiden. - Hartmut-Ortwin Feistel, of Berlin. - Karl-Ludwig Leonhardt, of Hamburg. - Peter Mendes and Neil Crawford, both of London.

Only I am responsible for the finished text, however.


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4. Concerning L'Ile aux dames, I was seriously in error when suggesting that it had been published by William Théry; at the time I had not seen the book and speculated rashly. A description of the book will be found in its appropriate place in the checklist. The English bookseller, Mr John Lyle, describes the volume thus in his catalogue: "An unpublished sketch for a delirious novel, in which all his obsessions and talent for derision and provocation are displayed, in a blue version of Verne's Mysterious Island. An indispensable complement to Trois filles de leur mère."

5. 'Peter Lewys,' The She Devils. Paris: Ophelia Press, 1958. The translation was done by William Robinson. A more streamlined English version appeared at New York in 1969 from Grove Press, as Mother's Three Daughters with the translation credited to Sabine D'Estrée, a pseudonym rumoured to conceal the wife of Richard Seaver.

6. J. Rives Childs, Restif de la Bretonne, Témoignages et Jugements. Bibliographie. Paris: Aux dépens d'auteur, ent vente a la Librairie Briffaut, 1949.

7. The Pulunbi-Katalog was the secret German police list of prohibited books. It was first published in 1920, with a reprint in 1926 and two supplements in 1929 and 1936. A facsimile reprint of the 1936 Nachtrag was issued at Hamburg in 1986 by C. Bell Verlag, an eccentric publisher of obscure reference works; thanks to information received first from M. Michael Neal, a bookseller just outside Paris, I discovered that they had published an index to the present author's The Private Case, a catalogue of the erotica in the British Library. While agreeing that an index was necessary, and admiring their efficiency at a job well done, a letter asking my permission would have been polite, and at the least a complimentary copy of the book after it was published.

8. To give an idea of these manuscripts, I reproduce the relevant entry in the Léonina:

LOUYS (Pierre) | Pybrac | Calligraphié et illustré par GARI. | 1945. In-8, demi-chagr. gris perle à bandes, dos avec deux larges faux-nerfs, plats rhodoïd rouge, doré en tête, non rogné, couv. et dos conservés; rel signée : BIANCHI.

EXEMPLAIRE UNIQUE remarquablement calligraphié en deux couleurs, noir et bleu, sur Vélin de Lana.

Collat. : 89 pp. (p. 90 blanche) tout compris; 1 f. avec la signature de l'artiste et la date.

1 vignette sur le titre et 40 dessins à l'encre de Chine, aquarellés, dans le texte. Ces illustrations libres sont exécutées dans un esprit humoristique.


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– A copy of this edition belonging to the late Gershon Legman, and annotated by him with the details of its publication, was offered for sale by Dailey Rare Books of Los Angeles in May, 2004.

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After establishing that L'Ile aux Dames at least was probably composed between 1911 and 1914, a footnote to M. Collinet's Préface gives details for the source of the texts: "Précisions en effet que nous donnons le texte de L'Ile d'après une copie dactylographiée faite par G. Serrières, dernier secrétaire de l'ecrivain, copie à laquelle se trouvent jointes quatre photographies de pages du mansucrit (coll. de P. Zanzibar). Les autres textes sont établis sur les originaux autographes de Louÿs (coll. P. Zanzibar, et, pour La Retourne, coll. G. Nordmann)."


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15a. - PASTICHES ET PARODIES. Edition originale augmentée de 4 photos inédites prises par Pierre Louÿs et d'un fac-simile. Muizon: A L'Ecart [William Théry], 1981. Pet. 8vo. Unpaged, but pp. [30] inclusive. Frontispiece by Serge Czerefkov from the "Tiflis" edition of Louÿs' Aphrodite, 4 photographs and a facsimile of 2 verses of one of the poems in the author's autograph. Limited to 250 copies on vergé de Lana, 50 of which were "pour le compte des Editions Gala Verlag, à Hamburg." [Compiler's collection.]*** FIRST EDITION.


16a. - PETITES MIETTES AMOUREUSES. *Poëmes libres. Edition originale ornée en frontispice d'une photographie inédite prise par P. L. - **Deux contes. Edition originale autographiée. [With a 'Prefacette' signed Jean Carlier.] A Reims: Sur les Presses de l'Imprimerie Particulière du Palais du Tau [William Théry], 1976 [1987]. Gr. 8vo. Two parts, en ƒƒ, pp. 42, 27. Photographic frontispiece and vignette on front wrapper. Limited to 175 copies on Vélin Ivoire des papeteries Maraud-Hardi. [Compiler's collection.]

Accompanying this most elegant work, whose execution is a true reflection of the clandestine erotica publishing of the 1920's and 30's, is a black card box containing twenty-five erotic postcards that had originally belonged to Louÿs. The box carries a label reading: Collection secrète d'un auteur célèbre - 1976. A descriptive note with the postcards is signed Robert Parville. Both the texts and the photographs are from the collection of M. Gérard Nordmann, of Geneva. *** From a catalogue issued in early 1987 by William Théry's Editions A L'Ecart: Ces "petites miettes" sont en fait copieuses puisqu'elles se composent d'une vingtaine de poèmes libres inédits, parfois reproduits en fac-similé, et de deux contes publiées en édition autographiée. Dans un petit coffret noir joint à cet ouvrage, l'amateur découvira la "Collection secrète d'un auteur célèbre": 25 cartes postales reproduisant à la fois des photographies prises par P. L. et des photographies provenant de sa collection personelle. En frontispice, un véritable retirage photographique d'un très beau nu saisi par le Kodak de notre auteur. Cette édition est tirée à seulement à 200 exemplaires sur vélin ivoire. Prix: 360 F. (En préparation. . . parution début avril [1987]).


17a. - POÈMES INEDITS 1887-1924. Eaux-fortes originales de Edouard Chimot. n.p. [?Paris:] 1938. 4to. pp. 67. [Bound together with:] POÈMES INEDITS [-] POÉSIES LIBRES 1887-1924. n.d., n.p. 4to. pp. 40. Notice of limitation (in vol. 1): Limited to 97 copies and with 12 others reserved for those involved in the publication of the book. In all, 10 coloured etchings by Chimot. [Description supplied by a collector.]


18b. - POÈMES ÉROTIQUES INEDITS. Avec douze lithographies hors texte [?by Boletti]. Préface de G. H. [Georges Hugnet]. Paris [Nice: André Bottin]: 1945 [c. 1955]. Gr. 4to. Limited to 190 copies. Printed throughout in violet, in facsimile of Louÿs' original holograph text. [Compiler's collection.]


19a. - POÉSIES. édition établie, présentée et annotée par Jean-Paul Goujon. [Paris:] Jean-Jacques Pauvert et Cie, 1988. 8vo. pp. [vi]+9-391+[vii]. [Compiler's collection.]

A most important and carefully prepared anthology of Louÿs' verse including, amongst the erotic material, Le Trophée des vulves legendaires, La Femme, an expanded text of Pybrac and a fine selection of Poésies libres, a number of which appear in print here for the first time.


20a. - POÉSIES ÉROTIQUES. Imprimé à Liège [Paris: René Bonnel], 1927. 12mo. pp. 71. Limited to 69 copies. [Pia, 1068.]

20b. - POÉSIES ÉROTIQUES d'un auteur célèbre, illustrées de trente-deux lithographies originales dessinées par un artiste inconnu [Marcel Vertès]. Barcelone: Atarazanas (Barrio Chino), l'an I de la République Catalane. [Paris: René Bonnel, 1932.] 4to. pp. [92], unnumbered. Limited to 165 copies, plus 5 hors commerce. [Pia, 1068,9; La Léonina, p. 94,5.]

– "Cette édition a été imprimée à Paris par Massol, imprimeur, rue Tourlaque, pour le texte, et par Mme Duchatel, rue Henri Monnier, pour les lithographies de Vertès - extracted from Pascal Pia, Lettre sur les premières éditions d'érotiques de Pierre Louÿs [Muizon:] Editions A L'Ecart [William Théry], 1985.

20c. - POÉSIES ÉROTIQUES de Pierre Louÿs. Rome: 1937. 8vo. pp. 71 with 71 drawings by Rojan printed in red. p. 71 is unnumbered, but carries a vignette. Limited to 311 copies. [Description supplied by a collector.]

20d. - POÉSIES ÉROTIQUES. Illustrées de vingt pointes sèches par un artiste inconnu. Aux Dépens d'un Amateur Chihuahua - Mexique: L'an I de la IVe République. [Paris? c. 1935.] 4to. Unpaged. White wrappers, printed in black, in imitation vellum folder and slipcase. Limited to 350 copies. [Seen at shop of J.-P. Dutel, Paris, in September, 1985; lot 504 the catalogue of the Collection of Monsieur F***, auctioned Feb. 24th 1986 at Paris, at the Nouveau Drouot, salle 8 states that the illustrations to this edition of by Berthommé Saint André.]


21a. - POÉSIES LYRIQUES. Revue Dragée Haute No. 10, Castelnau-de- Montmiral, January, 1989. [Cited by Goujon in the bibliography to L'Œuvre érotique of Pierre Louÿs ([Paris:] éditions Sortilèges, 1994, p. 1066.]


22a. - PYBRAC. Poésies. Cythère [Paris:] au coq hardi [René Bonnel & Pascal Pia], 1927. Pet. 16mo. pp. 98. The titlepage is decorated with an etching by Foujita. Limited to 105 copies. [Pia, 1117.]*** FIRST EDITION.

22b. - PYBRAC. Illustré de trente pointes sèches d'un artiste inconnu [Marcel Vertès]. Paris: aux dépens d'un amateur, 1928. 4to. pp. 79. Frontispiece, 10 etchings and 20 illustrations in the text. Limited to 30 copies. [Pia. 1117,8.]

22c. - PYBRAC, quatrains, ornés de 31 compositions par un artiste inconnu [Marcel Vertès]. A Narbonne [?Paris]: pour les Soeurs des Ursulines [1928]. Pet. 4to. pp. 87. Limited to 225 copies. 20 of the illustrations are in text, and 11 hors-texte. [La Léonina pp. 91,2.]

22d. - PYBRAC. "s.l., n.d. (Septembre 1930). Avec 10 des illustrations indiquées ci-dessus, mais en reproduction et en noire et blanc. Un des 150 exemplaires sur hollande. Relié." [Alain Kahn-Sriber, cat. 1977.]

22e. – PYBRAC. Prag: Soukromy Tisk, 1932. 8vo. pp. 77. Ten plates, unsigned, but by the surrealist artist Toyen. Limited to 300 copies. Text in Czech. [Listed for sale on the internet by Antiqariat Ars Amandi, Berlin, May 2004.]

22f. - [Pybrac.] PIBRAC. édition augmentée et ornée de nombreuses aquarelles. Londres: 1933. 4to. pp. 91. 20 watercolour plates [by Marcel Stobbaerts]. Limited to 175 copies on vélin-teinte. [Private Case, 1058, wanting ten of the plates.]

22g. - [Pybrac.] PIBRAC. Quatrains érotiques. [Paris?] Aux depens d'un amateur pour le profit de quelques autres, 1933 [1934]. 8vo. pp. 78. Frontispiece, 19 plates, 4 bandeaux and 4 culs-de-lampe. Limited to 308 copies. [Pia, 1118,9.]

22h. - [Pybrac.] PIBRAC. édition augmentée et ornée de Vingt aquarelles [by Marcel Stobbaerts]. Paris [c. 1935]. 8vo. pp. 127. 250 copies. Broché. [Compiler's collection; cat. of Jean-Pierre Dutel, and letter from Michael Neal, October 26, 1986. The plates in this edition are the same as for the "Londres" edition of 1933, above.]

22i. - PIBRAC. Londres: J.-H. Smith, éditeur d'Art, 1939. Gr. 8vo. pp. 122. 12 coloured plates [by Stobbaerts]. Red wrappers, printed in black. Limited to 375 copies. [La Léonina, p. 92.]

22j. - PYBRAC. 140 quatrains. Paris: 1946. 4to. Unpaged. 9 watercolour plates. Limited to 51 copies. [Private Case, 1060.]

22k. - PYBRAC [par] Pélouisse. Quatrains. Eropolis [c. 1950.] 16mo. pp. 58. [Pia, 1120. This edition is dated, falsely, "Janvier 1934" in the colophon.]

22l. - PIBRAC. n.p., 19XX [Paris? Eric Losfeld? c.1950]. Pet. 4to. pp. 68. Edition for colportage.

- Seen at shop of J.-P. Dutel, Paris, in September, 1985. I am obliged to M. Dominique Paillard for drawing my attention to my misspelling of the title of this edition – as 'Pybrac' – and for also generously supplying me with the accompanying graphic. The suggestion that this edition was published by Eric Losfeld was made to me by M. Bernard Waterlot of Librairie L'Oiseau-Lire, Mons, Belgium, who kindly informed me that he has a copy in which Losfeld's name has been added in a manuscript note.

22m. - [Pybrac.] JE N'AIME PAS A VOIR [-] PIBRAC [-] A L'USAGE DES MAISONS D'EDUCATION. [Paris:] Jérôme Martineau, 1970. 8vo. Unpaged. Illustrated with vignettes taken from non-erotic books of the period c. 1890. [Compiler's collection.]

22n. - PYBRAC. [?Paris:] Climats, 1994. Pet. 4to. pp. 80. Pictorial wrappers. Part of the 'Collection le Sourire Vertical.' Printed April 27th 1994 by Impr. A. Robert at Marseille. [Coll. Of Neil Crawford, London.]


23a. – LE SENTIMENT DE LA FAMILLE. Ilustré par Erich Von Götha. Préface de Jean-Paul Goujon. Paris: Editions Astarté, 1996. 8vo. Unpaged. Illustrated wrappers. Limited to 1500 numbered copies. [Compiler's collection.]

– A brief, obscene play in five scenes. The Introduction suggests that it was an uncompleted project, a notion that is supported by the words 'Act One' which head the piece. The text is in French and English, the English version being by Wendy Parramore. I am indebted to Mr. Jan Moret of Gouda, Holland, for drawing my attention to this item.


24a. - SOLISTE, (La). 41 poèmes libres inédits illustrés de photographies inédites prises par Pierre Louÿs et d'autres documents d'époque. Se Trouve Partout et Nulle Part [Muizon, William Théry], 1983. Pet. 4to. pp. 58. Avant-lire signed "Un Bibliophile bordelais." Fourteen pages of obscene photographs covering the period c. 1870-1920. Limited to 250 copies on Vergé Chiffon. [Compiler's collection.]*** FIRST EDITION.


25a. - SONNETS LIBERTINS. Illustrés de 30 photographies érotiques inédites de la Belle-époque. étoille-Rhône: éditions Zadora, 1993. 8vo. pp. [3]-63+[3]. Photographic wrappers. Twenty-eight sonnets and thirty obscene photographs. [Compiler's collection.]

– Contents: Hôtel de l'écu. - Lectures. - Nini. - Conseil. - Pistil. - Pucelles. - Boniment. - Pont Royal. - Florilège. - Mouche. - Valseuse. - Le Clitoris. - Main de Branlée. - élisabeth. - Cydalise. - La Nuit d'Avril. - élévation. - Couturière. - Le Baiser entre les jambes. - Le Doigt dans le vagin. - En Levrette. - à une mère. - Les Vieux. - Les Sœurs incestueuses. - Cadet Rousselle. - Lola. - Saint Vierge. - à Bicyclette.


26a. – Toinon. Conte inédit. [Reims: à l'écart] 1991. Written partly in English. [Cited by Goujon in the bibliography to L'Œuvre érotique of Pierre Louÿs ([Paris:] éditions Sortilèges, 1994, p. 1066.]


27a. - TRENTE-DEUX QUATRAINS DE P. L. illustrés [avec 33 planches gravées en couleurs] par un artiste connu [Marcel Vertès]. A Lesbos en 1927. 4to.[Peyrefitte 128.]


28a. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Aux dépens d'un amateur et pour ses amis [Paris: René Bonnel & Pascal Pia, 1926]. Gr. 8vo. pp. 361. Reproduced in facsimile of the author's MS. [Compiler's collection.] *** FIRST EDITION.

– The first edition of Trois filles de leur mère was printed on paper watermarked with the author's name spelled backwards - "Syuol Erreip." A short while afterwards, a contrafaçon was struck off, identical in all respects to the true first except that it lacked this watermark. Who was responsible for this piracy is unknown, and even the claim that Bonnel and Pia did the first is speculation; G. Legman, in a letter to the compiler dated November 2 1987, wrote that he believed the original edition to have been "done by a bookseller on the Seine quais in Paris."

28b. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Tome premier [ - second]. Aux dépens d'un amateur et pour ses amis. [c.1930?] 8vo. Two vols. pp. 96, 106. Illustrated with erotic vignettes by André Collot. Limited to 150 copies. [Pia, 1339.]

28c. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. n.p., n.d. [Berlin: Officina Serpentis, c.1932] 8vo. pp. 302. Limited to 250 copies. [Compiler's collection.]

– Concerning this edition of Trois filles de leur mère, I am indebted to Dr. Hartmut-Ortwin Feistel of Berlin for drawing my attention to the following item in an unnamed German bookseller's catalogue: "815.…Berlin: Officina Serpentis, about 1932. DM 290. Private Press publication, handprinted by W. Tieffenbach, 225 numbered copies on Van Gelder mould paper (total print run 250 copies). Not traceable in any bibliography. Edited by Tieffenbach anonymously, but it can be proved that he sold copies to selected friends around 1932. File copy, without number. Good, unopened copy." Dr. Feistel adds in his letter dated Jan. 7th. 1988: "I am inclined to to doubt that this volume was handprinted; handset, maybe." My original informant on this edition believed the book to have been published a little earlier, perhaps in 1929.

28d. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Martinique: Mont Pelé. [Anvers, c. 1934.] 8vo. pp. 199. [Private Case, 1062.]

28e. - TROIS FILLES ET LEUR MÈRE. Bruxelles: Editions du Grand Cerf [c. 1935?]. 8vo. pp. 200. Limited to 350 copies. "Ce célèbre texte érotique est illustré de 16 grands dessins de Vertès." - sale catalogue of Bibliothèque M.G. Première Partie, Litterature Galante et Erotique du XVIIIe au XXe siècles. Nouveau Drouot, Salle No. 11, 13 May 1982. [Pia, 1339.]

28f. - TROIS FILLES ET LEUR MÈRE. Paris: A l'enseigne de la maison perdue, 308 rue Saint-Jacques [1950]. 8vo. pp. 296. Limited to 500 copies. [Compiler's collection; Pia, 1340.]

28g. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. A l'enseigne du Chat pour Chat, 1897 [c. 1955]. 8vo. pp. 193. 16 colour plates by Jean Berque. [Pia, 1340.]

28h. - 3 FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Cet ouvrage a été réalisé exclusivement pour un groupe de bibliophiles, 1897 [c. 1955]. 8vo. pp. 151. 12 Coloured etchings by Chimot. Limited to 350 copies. [Pia, 1340,1341.]

28i. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Aux dépens d'un amateur et pour ses amis, n.d. [c. 1960?] 8vo. pp. 194 (numbered 9-202). Page 203 has an aquarelle, and p. 204 is blank. "Illustré d'aquarelles reproduites au pochoir [by Rojan]." Limited to 200 copies. [Pia, 1341.]

28j. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Préface d'André Pieyre de Mandiargues. [Paris:] L'Or du temp/Régine Deforges, 1970 [1971]. 8vo. pp. 302. [Compiler's collection; Pia 1341,2.]

28k. - TROIS FILLES ET LEUR MÈRE. [Montréal, Qué.:] Publications Avant-Gardistes Inc.[1972]. 8vo. pp. 220+[iv] of advertisements. [Compiler's collection.]

28l. – TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Paris: Eurodif, 1975. 8vo. pp. 186. [Bibliothèque Nationale, 8- Y2- 90000 (929,3).]

28m. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Paris: Eurodif, 1976. 8vo. pp. 212. [Pia, 1343.]

28n. – TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. préface d'André Pieyre de Mandiargues. [Bagneux]: Le Livre de Paris, 1977. 22cm. Pp. 275. Printed in Ireland! [Bibliothèque Nationale, 8-Y2- 90000 (1724).]

28o. – TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Hors-texte… de Jean Retailleau. Genève : éditions Famot,, 1978. 17 cm. Pp. 264. [Bibliothèque Nationale, 16- Y2- 43984.]

28p. – TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Préface de Catherine Caubère. [Paris:] J.-C. Lattès, 1979. 19 cm. Pp. 252. [Bibliothèque Nationale, 16- Z- 21481 (5).]

28q. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Paris: Eurodif, 1980. 8vo. pp. 186. Part of the collecton Aphrodite classique. [Compiler's collection.]

28r. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. [Paris:] Jean-Jacques Pauvert et Cie, 1988. 8vo. pp. [vi]+v+[14]-[302]. [Compiler's collection.] *** The Avant-Propos is titled Pierre Louÿs redécouvert, and signed `J.-J. Pauvert et Cie.'

28s. – TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Paris : éd. Allia, 1993. 22 cm. Pp. 210. [Bibliothèque Nationale, 8- Y2- 110300.]

28t. – TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE. Paris: UGE, 1994. 18 cm. Pp. 210. Printed in England! Part of the collection '10/18. Domaine français.' [Bibliothèque Nationale, 16- Z- 9793 (2472).]

28u. - TROIS FILLES DE LEUR MÈRE / Manuel de Civilité / Douze Douzains de Dialogues. Paris: La Musardine, 1998. 8vo. pp. 252. Pictorial wrappers. One of the  'Lectures amoureuses de J.-J. Pauvert.' [Compiler's collection.]


29a. - TROPHÉE DE VULVES LEGENDAIRES, (Le). Neuf sonnets sur les Héroïnes de Wagner, rêvés au pied du Vénusberg en août 1891. [Paris] Aux dépens d'un groupe de bibliophiles parisiens, 1948. 4to. Unpaged, but pp. [48] inclusive. 18 illustrations [by Hertenberger]. Limited to 300 copies. [Compiler's collection; copy no. 1 of the 18 containing an additional suite of illustrations, and has, not the one original illus. mentioned in the colophon, but two. Pia, 1344,5.]*** FIRST EDITION.


30a. - VÉRITABLES CHANSONS DE BILITIS, (Les). Traduites du grec pour la première fois d'après le manuscrit de la Justinienne. [88 in-text illustrations by Lucien Métivet.] n.p., n.d. [Paris? c. 1930.] 4to. pp. 102. Limited to 350 copies. [Pia, 1382,3.]*** FIRST EDITION.

30b. - VÉRITABLES CHANSONS DE BILITIS, (Les). Traduites du grec pour la première fois d'après le manuscrit de la Justinienne. [Illustrations by Lucien Métivet.] n.p., n.d. [Paris: Maurice Duflou, 1937.] 4to. pp. 102. Limited to 300 copies. [Private Case, 1826.]

30c. - [Véritables chansons de Bilitis.] CHANSONS SECRÈTES DE BILITIS (Les), nouvellement traduites sur le manuscrit de la Justinienne. Suivies de Les Filles de Loth [et] La Femme à barbe de Guy de Maupassant, L'Etudiant et la Grisette, pièce en un acte de Henri Monnier. Le Compendium érotique. La Ballade mythologique. 12 illustrations en hors texte et culs-de-lampe de Jean Jouy. [Paris?] Aux dépens d'un amateur et des souscripteurs [1946]. 8vo. pp. 108. Limited to 275 copies. [Pia 212,3.]

30d. - [Véritables chansons de Bilitis.] DIALOGUES DE COURTISANES suivi de Manuel de civilité pour les petites filles. Paris: Eurodif, 1976. 8vo. pp. 187. Part of the collection Aphrodite classique. [Compiler's collection.]

– Considerable doubt exists as to the authenticity of the poems in the Véritables chansons de Bilitis, and it has been suggested that their real author may have been Pascal Pia.

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