Private Case

The compiler's first commercially published book, the catalogue of the Private Case which ironically finds itself in bondage with the books it lists.

Devil in the Flesh

One of the new additions to the Private Case

The Martyr

Another new addition to the Private Case

A Listing of Additions
to the Private Case Erotica Collection
of the British Library

Introductory Note

After mentioning the September 2004 roll-out of a major upgrade of the British Library's online catalogue in the origial 2008 form of this page, I made some complaints about its shortcomings, and in particular its apparent inability to extract a group of records selected by pressmark. This problem has now either been rectified or else my criticisms were unfounded and I simply didn't know how to do it.

The procedure is actually very simple. If 'fishing' for a book by pressmark, simply type it in without any punctuation. So, if there's a need to find out whether 'P.C.13.b.3' represents a book, all that's required is to type in 'PC13b2' – without the single quotation marks of course. 'P.C.13.b.3' represents the 3rd book on the second shelf ['b'] in the 13th bookcase or 'case'. To find out everything on the same shelf, the asterisk wild card does the trick and the form 'PC13a*' should be employed.

The following list represents a revision of the 2008 page, and includes an additional dozen or so new titles. None of the entries appeared in my 1981 catalogue of the Private Case.

AMATORY ADVENTURES of Tilly Touchitt, The. London : Printed for the Editor at Moss Down Villas, late Crescent Place [Edward Avery, ca. 1886]. 8vo. pp. 67. P.C. 32.a.15.

ANDRÉA DE NERCIAT, ANDRÉ ROBERT - The Devil in the flesh. (English translation and introduction by Howard Nelson.) Los Angeles: Holloway House Publishing Co., 1970. 8vo. pp. 381. P.C. 24.a.37.

ANSON, MARGARET. pseud. - [The Merry Order of St. Bridget, personal recollections of the use of the rod.] York [London?]: Printed for the author's friends, 1857 [1890?]. 8vo. pp. iv+237, [1]. P.C. 32.a.12.

APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME. - Debauched hospodar and Memoirs of a young rakehell … Translated from the French. (Second printing.) [The introduction signed: David B. Lewis.] Los Angeles: Holloway House Publishing Co., 1969. 8vo. pp. 314. P.C. 24.a.36.

APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME. Les exploits d'un jeune Don Juan. Londres [i.e. Amsterdam?], 1949 [c. 1953]. 8vo. pp. 115. Limited to 375 copies. P.C. 32.a.11.

ARETINO, PIETRO. - The genuine and remarkable amours of the cele-brated author, Peter Aretin. [London?], printed in the year M,DCC,LXCVI [not before 1799]. 12mo. pp. 84. P.C. 25.a.94.

[ASHBEE, HENRY SPENCER.] - Index librorum prohibitorum: being notes bio-biblio-icono-graphical and critical … on curious and uncommon books. By Pisanus Fraxi. London: Privately Printed, 1877. 4to. pp. lxxvi. 542. Donated by Dr. E. J. Dingwall. P.C. 31.m.9.

[ASHBEE, HENRY SPENCER.] - Centuria librorum absconditorum: being notes bio-biblio-icono-graphical and critical, on curious and uncommon books. By Pisanus Fraxi. London: Privately Printed, 1879. 4to. pp. pp. pp. lx. 593. Donated by Dr. E. J. Dingwall. P.C. 31.m.7.

[ASHBEE, HENRY SPENCER.] - Catena librorum tacendorum: being notes bio-biblioicono-graphical and critical, on curious and uncommon books. By Pisanus Fraxi. London: Privately Printed, 1885. 4to. pp. lvii+593. Donated by Dr. E. J. Dingwall. P.C. 31.m.8.

[BARRIN, JEAN.] - Venus in the cloister: or, The nun in her smock. Translated from the French by a person of honour [i.e. Robert Samber?]. [The dedication signed: L'Abbé du Prat. Variously attributed to Jean Barrin or François de Chavigny de la Bretonnière.] London: [Edmund Curll], 1725. 12mo. pp. 184. Illustrations. P.C. 25.a.93.

BARTH, CASPAR VON. - Incogniti scriptoris nova poemata. [A facsimile reprint of the 1624 edition.] Soest: Davaco Publishers, 1972. Oblong 16mo. pp. 26,191. P.C. 30.k.33.

BARTH, CASPAR VON. - Incogniti scriptoris nova poemata. Lugdun. Batav: 1634. Oblong 16mo. pp. 207, 45. Illustrations. P.C. 30.k.34.

[BELOT, ADOLPHE.] - L'Éducation d'une demi-vierge. Par l'auteur de "La passion de Gilberte". Paris, Bruxelles: [Duringe], 1903. 8vo. Two volumes in one. PC. 30.k.35.

BIENVILLE, D. T. de. - Nymphomania, or, a Dissertation concerning the furor uterinus… Translated by Edward Sloane Wilmot. London: J. Bew, 1775. 8vo. pp. 189, 16. P.C. 23.b.1.

BILDER-LEXIKON. [Edited by Leo Schidrowitz.] vol. 1-3 [of 4]. Wien, Leipzig: [1930, 1931.] With newspaper cuttings and photographs inserted. P.C. 15.l.15.

[CLELAND, JOHN.] - Memoirs of F**** H***. London: G. Fenton, 1779. 12mo. Two volumes. The titlepages are cancels. P.C. 24.a.43.

COOT, Miss. pseud. - Mémoires de Miss Coote: exploits d'une fouetteuse britannique racontés par elle-même. Paris: Bibliothèque des deux hémisphères, [Eric Losfeld, c. 1958]. 8vo. pp. 156. P.C. 32.a.5.

DART. no.1- ; [1974]- New York, N.Y. : Target Studios. PC. 30.l.16.

DEUX ORPHELINES (Les). [Paris: Eric Losfeld, c. 1955] 8vo. pp. 149. (Reprinted in the late 1960s as Charmantes imaginatives et un peu changeantes as by 'Camille Rodeoni.') P.C. 32.a.4.

DRYALIS, Lord. pseud. - Les belles flagellantes de New-York. Paris: Charles Carrington, 1907. 8vo. pp. 398. (Études de mœurs américaines.) With magazine cuttings tipped in. P.C. 32.a.7.

EXHIBITION OF FEMALE FLAGELLANTS in the modest and innocent world, &c. London: printed for G. Peacock, 1777-85, [i.e. 1900?] 8vo. 2 pt. In the second part "modest and innocent world" reads "modest and in-continent world". A reprint of the J. C. Hotten version, [1872], of the George Peacock edition. P.C. 32.a.13.

FARREL, JOSEPH. - Parfums de souffrance = Painful flavours / Joseph Farrel ; English edition by Robert Mérodack. Paris: Editions Dominique Leroy Snel, 1978. Oblong 4to. pp. 62. Illustrations. P.C. 31.m.3.

FLAYBUM, TERMAGENT, Lady. pseud. [Sublime of Flagellation: in letters from Lady Termagant Flaybum … to Lady Harriet Tickletail, &c.] London: printed for George Peacock, [1900?]. 8vo. pp. 48. Reprint of the J. C. Hotten version, [1872], of the George Peacock edition. P.C. 32.a.14.

FLOGGER, A. W. pseud. - Poker de dames … traduction et adaptation du manuscrit original intitulé Flogger papers. Paris: 1929. 8vo. pp. 321. Illustrations. P.C. 32.a.9.

FURRYA, SOPHIA. - Les geôles de dentelles. Paris: Collection des Orties blanches, n.d. 8vo. pp. 211. Illustrations. P.C.32.a.6.

GERVAISE DE LATOUCHE, Jacques-Charles. - Dom B., the lascivious monk … Translation and introduction by Howard Nelson. With selections from Juliette by Marquis de Sade. Los Angeles: Holloway House Publishing Co., 1970. 8vo. pp. 253. P.C.24.a.41.

GRAND. - Grand théâtre des petites passions de sociéte?. [Paris?]: [s.n.], [183?]. [72] leaves of plates. PC.31.m.6.

HERVEZ, JEAN. - La Régence galante. Paris: Bibliothèque des curieux, 1909. 8vo. pp. 319. Illustrations. With newspaper cuttings tipped in. PC.32.a.8.

HISTOIRE. - Histoire d'O no.2. Paris: Pierre Belfond, 1988. 8vo. pp. 183. PC.30.l.20.

HORN BOOK. - How to raise love; or, Modern studies in the science of stroking. The horn book, a girl's guide to the knowledge of good and evil. [Paris?:] Printed for the Erotica Biblion Society of London and New York, 1899. 8vo. pp. 153. P.C. 24.a.39.

IBELS, ANDRÉ. - La bourgeoise pervertie: roman psycho-physiologique. Villemomble: L'Auteur, 1930. 8vo. pp. 317. P.C. 32.a.10.

ICY (JACQUES D'). - Brassée de faits. Paris: Collection des Orties blanches, [1926]. 8vo. pp. ii+315. Illustrations. P.C. 32.a.3.

ICY (JACQUES D'). - Paulette trahie. Paris: Collection des Orties blanches, [ca.1926] 8vo. viii+336p. Illustrations. P.C. 32.a.2.

JANSON, HANK. - Auctioned. London: New Fiction Press, [1952.] 8vo. pp. 127. P.C.21.aa.9.

JAVELIN. - Javelin no.1- ; [1977?]- New York, N.Y. : Target Studios. P.C. 30.l.17.

KEARNEY, PATRICK J. - The Private Case. London: Jay Landesman, 1981. 8vo. pp. 354. P.C. 30.l.19.

LENGEL, FRANCES [Alex. Trocchi]. - The Carnal Days of Helen Seferis. Paris: Atlantic Library, published by the Olympia Press, [1954]. 8vo. pp. 183. Counterfeit, probably made in the 1960s, of the Olympia Press edition. P.C. 31.d.46.

LUSTFUL TURK. - The lustful Turk; or, Lascivious scenes in a harem. Faithfully and vividly depicted in a series of letters from a young and beautiful English lady to her cousin in England. [Introduction by H. Montgomery Hyde.] [New York?:] Canyon Books; distributed by Grove Press, [1967]. 8vo. pp. 160. P.C. 24.a.42.

MASQUE. - Masque. The publication of bizarre fads and fashions. no. 1, 2, 4. New York, [ca. 1958]. P.C. 18.b.48.

MELTZER, DAVID. - The Martyr. North Hollywood, Cal.: Essex House, [1969]. 8vo. pp. 176. P.C. 24.a.40.

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. - [A collection of photographs of the nude, c. 1950.] 8 volumes. P.C. 31.m.2.

PICHARD, GEORGES. - Marie-Gabrielle de Saint-Eutrope. Grenoble: Éditions Jacques Glénat, 1978. 4to. 143 pages, chiefly illustrated. P.C.31.m.4.

PORNOGRAFI. - Pornografi / [af] Karen Borgnakke … [et al.] ; redaktion : Henning Salling Olesen … [et al.]. Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1974. 4to. pp. 26. P.C. 15.d.19.

RÉAGE, PAULINE [Anne Desclos]. - Histoire d'O. Avec une préface de Jean Paulhan. Sceaux: Jean-Jacques Pauvert, 1954. 8vo. pp. xx. 245. Author's presentation copy to Mr and Mrs Owen Holloway. P.C. 25.b.25

RÉAGE, PAULINE [Anne Desclos]. - Retour à Roissy. Précédé de Une fille amoureuse. Paris: Jean-Jacques Pauvert, 1969. 8vo. pp. 140. P.C. 28.b.36.

RÉAGE, PAULINE [Anne Desclos]. - The story of O. Illustrated version by Guido Crepax. New York: Grove Press, 1978. Large 4to. [140 pages of cartoons.] P.C. 30.l.18.

ROBINSON, JULIAN, pseud. - The confessions of Georgina … Introduction by Geoffrey Lowndes. North Hollywood: Brandon House, [1968]. 8vo. pp. 256. P.C. 24.a.38.

SADE, D.-A.-F., Marquis de. - Histoire de Juliette … illustreé de soixante gravures, &c. En Hollande: 1797 [c. 1900]. 6 vols. P.C. 30.k.36.

SADE, D.-A.-F., Marquis de. - Histoire de Justine, &c. En Hollande: 1797 [c. 1880]. 4 vols. P.C. 30.k.37.

SADE, D.-A.-F., Marquis de. - Les 120 journées de Sodome … Édition critique, établie sur le manuscrit original autographe par Maurice Heine. Paris: 1931, 1935. Three vols. P.C. 30.l.21.

SOURCES. - Les sources du plaisir. Album viril. London: [s.n.], [184?]. [12] leaves of plates. PC. 31.m.5.

SUBMISSION. - Submission. Fully illustrated. Plus … a special unex-purgated collection of bizarre and unusual drawings by "Taco". Strictly limited edition. New York: Raven Publishing Co., [1958]. P.C. 19.a.43.

VIGNANS (MAX DES). - Plaisirs troublants. Paris: Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, [ca.1934]. 8vo. pp. 210. Illustrations. P.C. 32.a.1.

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